About Us

We are Morelli Consulting

We are a boutique sustainability
consultancy with a team of
passionate experts.

A rich and experienced history

Our team is packed with exceptional talent that care about making the planet a better place.

With backgrounds in the Big Four, legal practice
and as in-house sustainability practitioners for some
of the world’s leading brands, our friendly and
highly experienced team work in partnership
with you to deliver sustainability solutions.

With a unique approach…

We show our clients what excellent sustainability practices look like and provide clear and actionable roadmaps that incorporate the systems to measure, the risks to address, the insights to inspire and the capabilities to grow.


Join our team

Being part of Morelli Consulting means being part of a passionate, ambitious, professional team with a flexible, friendly and supportive approach to work.

We are B Corp certified

We are leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.

Our community partnerships

As part of our community investment, we are proud to be partnered with Palesa Pads, a South African social enterprise that manufactures and distributes high quality, reusable cloth sanitary pads across southern Africa, helping girls to stay in school and get their education.

We exist to make businesses better

We care about being a good business, good employer and good global citizen

We know that making lasting change has to start with us – by our individual actions, by being a great place to work, and by living and working by our values.

  • We are always dependable: We’re true to our word.
  • We stay curious: We keep up with the pace of change in our field.
  • We show respect and kindness: We value considerate and good-natured interactions.
  • We are resilient: We’re hard working and committed.

Our services

Man hands holding global network and data customer connection on nature background.
Creating integrated sustainability strategies to drive greater innovation, resilience, performance and growth.
We design your measurement systems for sustainability performance and validate your non-financial metrics.
Man going upstairs towards open world full of light. Concept of hope, new better world, bright future. 3D illustration
We help you keep pace with the latest sustainability regulatory requirements and report against key frameworks.
Kayak from above with 4 rowing people. Blue and aqua water background. Sport and moving concept. Red kayak and 8 paddles.
We inspire and lead change through capacity building, stakeholder engagement and transparent communication.