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The brief

We have had an ongoing relationship with ABFI since 2015 (TBC by Shelley), providing advisory and practical support on a wide range of sustainability-related activity, with a focus on health, safety and environmental data management and reporting, communications support, and employee engagement. We provide this at both a group level and also individual level, supporting each of the varied ABFI businesses.  


What we did

  • We supported ABFI in the development and implementation of enhanced governance structures and processes to improve environmental, health and safety data collection, measurement and monitoring, helping them to better understand and improve their EHS performance.  


  • We supported them in the development of their sustainability policy (TBC)


  • We worked in partnership with ABF Ingredients, to help engage their employees, helping them to learn about their organisation’s sustainability agenda. We created a Sustainability Factbook, a comprehensive compilation of ABFI’s environmental and social initiatives. 


  • We engaged their senior leadership team, running a series of workshops (with accompanying pre and post event engagement) helping them to understand more about their sustainability risks, impacts and dependencies, ensuring they bought into the business’s sustainability plans


  • We have worked with each of the ABFI’s businesses to help them develop a variety of internal and external sustainability communications materials including websites, case studies and the creation of an annual internal environmental, health and safety recognition and awards programme. 


  • We have provided ongoing support as required, helping the businesses to understand, prepare for and respond to new and emerging sustainability and ESG requirements and challenges. (whether regulatory, or stemming from supplier, or parent company needs) 


The result 

  • The business now has robust environment health and safety processes and procedures in place, from which it is able to demonstrate is improvements year on year. (do we have any stats on % reduction or improvements)? 


  • We have helped ABFI’s senior leadership team enhance its ESG understanding, ambition levels, and commitment, broadening its sustainability scope internally and now also along its value chain.  


  • The annual environmental health and safety recognition awards are now an eagerly anticipated event and source of pride for all those making the shortlist – this fosters greater engagement and innovation by staff to find sustainability solutions that really make a difference.